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Bookkeeping services are vital to the success of your business. A bookkeeper efficiently handles all the bills, receipts, and paperwork so the dreaded cleanup and catch up is not needed to be performed at the end of every month. Our bookkeeping services will see that bills are paid on time, invoices are not overlooked, company expenses stay on track, and cash flow is maintained.

With our bookkeeping service, small businesses like yours save time on the tedious task of data entry and receive a prompt review of financial reports including a Chart of Accounts Review - all useful business reports - at their fingertips. These reports share insights to help your business progress. They also serve as an alert to any red flags that may pop up.

A common question is what the difference between a bookkeeper and an accountant. I’ll go into that here.

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The Bookkeeper

There are times when accountants and bookkeepers do the same work, but generally, the bookkeeper is the one who records transactions and keeps your finances organized on a day-to-day schedule.

Bookkeepers are not required to have formal certifications, but the successful bookkeeper needs to be detail-oriented, accurate, and knowledgeable about financial matters. These are skills we take pride in.

Duties bookkeepers typically perform include:

• Processing payroll,

• Accounts payable and accounts receivable

• Reconcile bank statements

• Post and update journal entries

• Activate month-end closing

• Track fixed assets

• Prepare depreciation schedules

• Attend Bi-Weekly Strategy Session

• Run the Expense Category Review

• Keep a Review of Financial Reports

• Prepare trial balances

• Liaise with the controller and/or accountant

As the bookkeeper, we also manage the cleanup and catch up plus clear out any problems before, during, and after internal or IRS audits. Our bookkeeping service manages quarterly and withholding taxes. You can trust us to keep up with the changing landscape of sales taxes and business regulations.

Day-to-day tasks include accurate data input into the financial ledgers. Our bookkeeping services reduce your overall expenses. As bookkeepers, we ensure the books are maintained properly and we alert you, the business owner, to waste and mismanagement of inventory and supplies.

Our Bookkeeping Services

Our bookkeeping services offer a strategic approach to maintaining and developing your company’s financial management systems. Like most bookkeeping services we can help keep QuickBooks operating efficiently. Touted as one of the best bookkeeping programs, QuickBooks is one of the accounting software programs we use. Our bookkeeping services run accounts receivable and accounts payable, pay bills, and manage payroll functions, generate reports, and your small business on track using the software you prefer.


Our bookkeeping services can also use QuickBooks for invoicing, analyzing budgets, cleanup, a catch-up of month-end finances, and maintaining Expense Optimization reports and data.


There are underlying tasks that our bookkeeping service can do to help you implement and maintain a company's financials. A consistent financial process strengthens your company's health by creating uniformity in reporting, paying, and tracking. Our bookkeeping service can play an immeasurable service that insulates your business from risks and complications.


The benefits of our bookkeeping services are apparent when we combine expense reports and maintenance of records. This activity requires organization, math skills, and management experience. Our bookkeeping service helps to make everything work smoothly in your small business.

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Our business bookkeeping services are made up of experts at keeping your business’ financial transactions and documents within the prescribed accounting practices, tracking payables, and receivables.


Hiring a bookkeeping service is more than looking for a company with people who sit in a corner with blinders working a calculator and creating reports through QuickBooks. Our bookkeeping service has a professional background, training, and experience to benefit your particular business. Our bookkeeping services include employees who have QuickBooks Expert certification and AIPB Certification.


Our virtual bookkeeping services include a software specialist, full-charge bookkeeper, and accountant who work for you outside the office – we are just an email or Zoom away. You do not have to increase your expenditures by developing more space; we work remotely. Utilize bookkeeping services, and you will be assured of a complete accounting department. Bookkeeping services save small businesses time and money, and the process will increase your business's longevity and efficiency.

The Accountant

Your business also needs an accountant. Our accounting services uses financial information compiled by our bookkeeping and designs financial models that help manage finances. We provide reports to show the owner's financial indicators to understand the profitability and cash flow in the business.


We take the information in the ledgers and turn this data into reports to show the business' big picture and illustrate how the business is progressing. As accountants, we know how to develop these reports and are educated to help with financial forecasting, tax filing, and strategic tax planning.


With our bookkeeping and accountant services, a business’s financial records will be organized and perfectly balanced. The bookkeeper and the accountant handled the day-to-day finances, and the accountant employs smart financial strategy, legal, financial advice, and accurate tax filing. Add in a bookkeeping service, and you have a total department that will keep your small business on track and financially thriving.

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