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Is your business running at peak performance? We work to improve efficiency, boost profits, and stay in compliance.

Tax Services

Stop paying more taxes than you should be! We help you take full advantage of the tax credits and deductions you are entitled to, all while keeping you in compliance.

Bookkeeping Services

You have so much on your plate as it is. Give the books to us and we'll not just keep pristine records, but also watch for opportunities to make the most of your financial position to achieve you goals.

You started your business with a vision and a purpose. You work hard to achieve your vision of creating an amazing business for the purpose of taking the best possible care of your family. You love what you do, even if when things get difficult. You work long hours and always have a lot on your plate. The truth is try as you might, sometimes things fall through the cracks. And while some aspects of your business can tolerate this, your finances, and certainly the IRS, do not.

Reliable accounting services that remove this important job off your list of things you need to do, and do right, is essential to the success of your business even if you thought your books and taxes didn't warrant outside help or you had the misfortune of working with a less than trustworthy accountant. Money Man Business Solutions are partners in your financial success, we keep track of your financial status and put you on a path to taking your company to the next level. We work with soloprenuers like you to maintain the financial health of their business so they can successfully pursue their vision while keeping their purpose of supporting their family in focus.

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IRS Enrolled Agent

Enrolled Agent

The MoneyMan is an IRS Enrolled Agent, giving us the privilege of representing taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. This means we are unrestricted as to which taxpayers we can represent, what types of tax matters we can handle, and which IRS offices we can represent clients before.

We represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service in all their various capacities, including criminal tax investigations and prosecutions, civil audits, appeals of decisions by revenue agents or collection officers; preparing returns for individuals; handling financial accounts such as trusts or estates; and advising on federal employment taxes.

We work with individuals who have any type of income or filing status that will require representation by a CPA or EA. Along with being able to offer more services for our clients, this change may also help alleviate some stress on both companies and individual workers who are unsure whether or not their taxes will be filed correctly without assistance from someone knowledgeable in IRS matters.

How We Work

Because we understand how hard you work for your family and your dreams, we do everything we can to finally make managing the books easy for you.

Our Initial Meeting

The Professional Assessment

Remediating Immediate Issues

On Going Peace of Mind

Following Are the Services We Offer ToSmall Businesses Like Yours


Including accounts payable/receivables, forecasting, bank reconciliation and more.

Notary Public

We provide this service at your convenience


Weekly or biweekly, quarterly tax statements, W2 and 1099 preparations.

Credit Card Processing

We provide this in partnership with Liberty Credit Card Solutions.

Income Tax

1040, 1040A, Schedule C, S-Corp, estimated tax payments, and more.


We help you develop a clear of where you are and a plan to meet your goals.

About Us


My name is Juan Pedrozo and my wife, Indiana, runs The MoneyMan Business Solutions along with me. While I bring my accounting expertise, Indiana runs the back office with precision, ensuring clients are well informed and nothing slips through the cracks.

We have been in business for 12 years serving clients with their accounting and tax needs. We strive to make sure individuals get the refund they deserve, and that businesses spend their time on their specialty and not having to worry about the day to day accounting functions.

We've had the honor of working with great nonprofits such as the nationally renowned YMCA and locally impactful organizations such as Travel With Chaz. We specialize in working with solopreneurs and have worked with restaurant owners, real estate investors, e-commerce companies, small fashion lines, and more.  We often find that when we work with clients we not only save them from having a tax bill, but get them the refunds for which they had been eligible for years, but never received due to missed deductions.


We love what we do, and we love helping our clients thrive while doing what they love.


Is This You?

We've worked with a number of business owners, mostly solopreneurs. Here is a small segment of who our customers are.


... love us because 12 hour days are hard enough without having to learn tax laws. We ensure their taxes and books are in order and they keep serving up delicious food.

Salon Owners

... love us because managing a salon, building a brand, and diversifying into product lines is a lot to take on. We ensure they have the financial ability to get it all done.

Online Retailers

... love us because the internet moves fast and so do tax laws. They work hard on marketing,  branding, and sourcing, while we keep their books in order and them in good standing.

IRS Targets

Soloprenuers that have been contacted by the IRS regarding violations love us because we help resolve the issue quickly and prevent it from reoccurring.


Here's What Some of Our Clients Say

Protect All That You Have Worked So Hard To Build For You And Your Family

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